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Ley Allotments at Baxenden near Accrington

Letter dated 23rd June 1998

FROM : Save Our Allotments Committee, Baxenden, Accrington

TO : Mr N.Rix, Director of Regeneration, Hyndburn Borough Council, Eagle St, Accrington, BB5 1LN.


Dear Mr Rix,

Re: Area of Special Restraint - Ley Allotments, Hill St, Baxenden

Thank you for your letter dated 16th June 1998.

I am well aware of the policy which states "…..after 2006, only if there is a strategic requirement will such development be permitted". I feel sure that you also appreciate our policy, which is "no development whatsoever will be permitted on land which has been used for recreational purposes by residents of Baxenden for over 100 years".

In your paragraph No. 3 you appear to have brought another dimension into the argument where you now mention a "rationalisation of allotment plots". This is the first time I have heard mention of this 'rationalisation' and this will no doubt be queried with you at some later date.

I note your comments that in producing the Plan for 2006 and beyond that the Council will be required to consult the public. I only hope that this time there will be proper notification to the public - we do not want any repetition of the vague advertisement that was placed in local newspapers regarding the "Proposed Modifications to Proposals for the Hyndburn Borough Local Plan'.

Thank you for your assurance that due consideration will be given to the views of the residents of Baxenden - we trust that such consideration will eventually mean placing the allotments site out of the reach of building speculators.

Finally, it may appear that we are 'jumping the gun' in writing to you at this early stage when future plans are yet to be considered by the Council. I hope you realise however that this time we, the residents and allotment holders, are ensuring that we do not get caught out again. We are on our guard !

Yours sincerely,


John Griffiths

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Save Our Allotments Committee, Baxenden, Accrington


Letter to Hyndburn Council 6th June 1998

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