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Old Chesterton Allotment Society Ltd : societies strengthen network

networking.jpg (22724 bytes) Mike Woodhouse from New Chesterton (Histon Road) Allotments committee talks with Jenny and Dick Pearl of Old Chesterton (Pakenham Close) Allotments.

Links between allotment societies are being strengthened by plot holders from neighbouring societies contacting each other to discuss allotment business.

Most allotment societies in Cambridge are now able to communicate news quickly around the city using e-mail. Plot holders who are not on the internet can obtain printed messages from others who are online. Copies of messages are also circulated by hand around the societies.

Of course, there's no better way to make friends with your neighbours than to pay a personal visit, and then keep in touch on the phone.

The Cambridge Central Council of Allotment Societies, composed of delegates from each society in the city, meets quarterly and is about to negotiate new allotment management agreements with Cambridge City Council. Supplies of horticultural materials are purchased in bulk for distribution around the city's allotment societies at lower prices due to economies of scale.

The network of allotment societies in Cambridge is growing stronger, and societies will therefore be able to offer each other more support in case of need. Planners have previously eroded allotment sites for alternative land use, but this is not going to be as easy as it used to be!

Allotment societies want to see allotments promoted by improvements to site infrastructure, preparation of overgrown allotment land combined with effective local publicity. Societies that have used these methods over the last few years have seen vacancy rates fall.

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