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Burnside Allotments : Track resurfacing
Road_planings.jpg (28216 bytes) The allotment society contacted the Parks & Leisure Department at Cambridge City Council in January 1999 because the unsurfaced roadway at Burnside allotment site was becoming slippery for vehicles and difficult for pedestrians and cyclists.

newtrack2a.jpg (4958 bytes) Click this button to see the track on an average winter day before re-surfacing.

There were shallow water-filled ruts along the track and in other places the grassy surface was too slippery for vehicles delivering wood chips, leaves and manure. Council officials immediately suggested asking the Highways Section if they could let us have some road planings, which is waste material from resurfacing tarmac roads. 10 tons of this stony material was delivered two weeks after our initial enquiry. Plot holders have been busy since then filling the ruts and puddles in the track, and there is now a long  surfaced track half way into the site.

newtrack1a.jpg (6526 bytes) Click this button to see the track on an average winter day after re-surfacing.

Other advantages of this work are that it helps to keep vehicles clean and prevents mud on tyres being left on the public road when vehicles leave the site. The allotment site also looks better as a result.

Many thanks to the City Council officers for their help in making this possible.

Latest update 03/01/01