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Elfleda Road Allotments :
Allotments are good for you!
DavidEaster.jpg (67830 bytes) David Easter at Elfleda Road allotment site, Cambridge is 74 years of age and continues to enjoy the good life.

When he was 58 years old, he suffered 2 heart attacks, but he still looks remarkably well today. Perhaps this is not so surprising : after that, David chose to leave the stress of work behind and spent his leisure time on the plot, growing vegetables for his family!

Here are some quotes from the Parliamentary Select Committee on Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs The Future of Allotments

"The potential role for allotments within the promotion of public health is significant."

"Gardening is identified as one of the Health Education Council's recommended forms of exercise for the over 50s age-group."

"Simple measures such as advertising allotment availability in doctors' surgeries, and ensuring that General Practitioners are informed of the availability of plots on local sites could help stimulate allotment demand and deliver health benefits to a significant and growing section of the community."

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