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Cambridge Allotments 2000 Booklet

We are producing a booklet which will be useful and inspiring for plot holders, especially newcomers. We have money for printing, but content and design is volunteer effort. This is where you come in!

Please offer pictures, poems, a calendar of topical tips ... you decide, just let us know.

Or just spare a little time to review some of the drafts we've already received. Comments welcomed.

Sam&Luca.jpg (13176 bytes)

Allotments and Children - Tim Love. Updated 8 Feb 00.

new.gif (541 bytes)Pests and Diseases - Helen Harwood.
Updated 09 Feb 00.

new.gif (541 bytes)Habitat Action Plan for Allotments - Helen Hepburn. Precis specially drafted 16 Feb 00.

Organic allotment and full-time job - it does work.  Louise Bacon.
Updated 24 Jan 00.

Seed Saving - Vince Lea.
Updated 24 Jan 00.

Other ideas for content: Good quality original digital images; potential to include free seeds offer for new plotholders; our publication will be available online, naturally!

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