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Government policy on the promotion of allotments

Notes from the Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Committee - Minutes of Evidence 25 March 1998.

Angela Eagle, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the Environment said :

"....we are going to ensure in future... that local authorities have actually actively promoted their allotments; so that we can get round the idea that local authorities may deliberately be allowing land to get derelict so that they can then dispose of it. Therefore, one of the new criteria is that we will ask Government offices to look, when they are looking at applications for disposal, at whether there has been an active promotion of the allotments. We hope this will get round any fears that local authorities may be acting as judge and jury and not actively promoting allotments."

"I am worried... that there was too much of a temptation for local authorities to hope that nobody noticed that the allotment sites were there. Perhaps they have been vandalised. Perhaps they had been neglected. Then they could just quietly dispose of the land. I want to make certain, in future disposals, that there has been positive promotion of the benefits of allotment gardening going on....."

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