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On the Line: A Timeline link between Cambridge and Mali

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Wédié 14-07-2000

Dear Friends who work with produce.

Everyone greets you well.

We know well from your friend I have not any .....? but I am happy to work.

I have great need of maternitieres[??]

We work with the onions but no water.

We go from our land to the dam [??]

We have to [??] with d'élecol [??]

All the things that you sent here have arrived safely.

If you received the letter from Douro Tembeley.... do take there are people who send a letter and more [??]

But the nine letters if you have received them let us know.

You can come next year to Wedie.

Thanks you for your friendship and good work.

The first [??] that you have sent we have sown but all is bad [??] Our [??] is weak.

You come our country with food also.

If we have received rain it is good.

Temperatures are weak... [??] we have not enought millet.

by Ali Sambadisse Djiguiba á Wédié

It's the start of our friendship.

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