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On the Line: A Timeline link between Cambridge and Mali
KidsOnDam40.JPG (65404 bytes) Like much of Mali, the Dogon Plateau receives rain only in June-September.

This dam provides a store of water which enables the villagers to continue growing onions and other vegetable crops after the rains cease.

In the dry season, temperatures reach as high as 48 C.

The dam at Wdi was built in 1983 by Actions de Promotion Humaine (A.P.H.), a local project based in the region's administrative capital Bandiagara. Established in 1973, A.P.H. is a partner of Christian Aid.

Another important benefit of the dam is that it allows a small amount of rice to be grown (visible on the left of this picture).  The people don't have much high quality protein and the rice is highly prized. The staple food is millet.

This photograph was taken at the end of the rainy season in October 1999. The dam is full and should provide water for people, animals and crops until February.

Then, a well is sunk to provide drinking water but there can be no more watering of crops until June when the rains come again.

In the dam there are lilies and many dragonflies fly over the surface of the precious water.

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