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On the Line: A Timeline link between Cambridge and Mali
Message from Wdi

Given by village elders Ambaga & Ambahinde at Wdi, October 1999.

People at Wedie. Baisso Djiguiba, son of village chief, in centre with white cap.
"The village elders are to encourage the people to ask questions and to send information and to believe in this friendship between our two peoples."

Thanks to Sylvestre Tembely of A.P.H. for the translation, and to Nic Fleming of the Daily Express for the transcription

"We are very interested in what you have to say and in the exchange between Wedie and Cambridge. We pray to God that things will be better and that people can discover each other. We know we are limited as far as money is concerned, but as far as strength we are ready to do what we can for this friendship and co-operation."

"We understand what you have said. We appreciate that you have come to visit. You have seen we are peasants and we grow millet. You have seen our onion fields. There are similarities between what happens here and where you come from and these are good things."

"This is a traditional gift in the village when two people of two communities would like to start friendship. This is the sign for friendship, that means we accept to be friends with you. We are very happy and hope the friendship will get bigger" (hands over three chickens)


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