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Allotments Quiz 2003

Cambridge City Council is marking the National Allotments Week, which runs from 11th to 17th August, with an Allotments Quiz. Offering real benefits to households and families – good food very cheap, healthy outdoor exercise, friendly neighbours in pleasant surroundings – allotments are the great unsung treasures of the city.

In order to encourage more people to take up the pleasures of allotment gardening, the City Council is offering prizes – compost bins, fresh produce and your own allotment for free - for their Allotments Quiz. Can you answer these questions?

1. Name 3 creatures which help to control pests in your garden or on your plot.

2. Which lettuce sank the Titanic?

3. The potato variety "Golden Wonder" is particularly suitable for making crisps. True or false?

4. Spaderoot is a disease affecting cabbages, cauliflowers and other members of the brassica family. True or false?

5. Who said "… a cauliflower is nothing but a cabbage with a college education." ?

6. What are the benefits of keeping an allotment?

7. Which fruit or vegetable are these varieties? a) Scotch Flag b) Black Russian c) Ivory Egg.

8. How many sites has the Rock Allotment Society?

9. Give another name for the plant known as "Prince of Wales Feathers".

10. How can you go about getting an allotment plot in Cambridge?

Try to answer these questions then make up a slogan to promote allotments in not more than 10 words.

You might be the lucky winner of a basket of fresh allotment produce! That is the first prize along with the option of free rent on an allotment of your choice (provided there is one free for you on that site!) for two years. Plus a free compost bin to get you started. Five lucky runners-up all get a free compost bin too.

Send in your entries, with your name, address and telephone number, before 31 August 2003 to the Cambridge Environment Centre at the Guildhall, Cambridge CB2 3QJ or email them plus your slogan to