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Two new allotment sites

Dave Fox/ March 2, 2019/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

The City Council has just sent out letters regarding allotment leases to those on the waiting list for the Trumpington Meadows allotments. I am told that Glebe Farm allotments will be in a similar position is 2-3 weeks. There is still no news of any progress with the handover of Clay Farm allotments. The transfer is still with lawyers. If anyone can tell me why this is, three years after the site was ready for cultivation, please do!

Cambridgeshire representation at National Allotment Society

Dave Fox/ February 1, 2019/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

This from Malcolm Frew, Chair of Girton Allotment Society. Hello all readers My name is Malcolm Frew, Chair of Girton Allotment Society. We are a self managed society of 110 members, on a Church and Charitable site in Cambridge Road, Girton. Greetings all! I, along with two other Cambridgeshire Societies, – Attended the Eatern Region N.A.S. AGM, and Panel Meeting, in Cambridge, on 19th January. Other Members were: Martin Hall:, Chair of Rock Allotment Society (being Perne, Glebe Holbrook, and Baldock) Graham Bond: Chair of City of Ely Allotment Society (4 sites I believe) We were somewhat surprised to find that CAMBRIDGESHIRE has no representation in N.A.S. per se, as there is no Cambridgeshire Allotment Society representation as such, although of course individual societies and

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