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Duxford Allotment Society

The Duxford Allotment Society was formed in 2000 in response to the earmarking of the village allotment site for Affordable Housing. At the time around half of the 69 plots were vacant and the Parish Council favoured the sale of over half of the site for development. Whilst the Allotment holders were not against Affordable Housing, we successfully opposed any attempts to build on this site and one of the aims of the Society is still to preserve this valuable village amenity for horticultural purposes.

Since 2000, allotment gardening has become hugely popular and the Duxford site is now fully occupied with a waiting list. The Society is thriving and now has over 30 full members, most, but not all, of whom are allotmenteers; we are there for anyone keen on gardening and “growing their own”. Membership benefits include discounts on seeds, plants and sundries plus various social events. We also have a secure communal store, which is used by members for tools and by the Society to store bulk fertiliser and our barbecue kit etc!

Contact: Membership Secretary : Libby Earle 01223 562847

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Latest update 14/04/14