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Allotment Handover

Dave Fox/ September 17, 2018/ Blog, News/ 1 comments

Here is a status report from Councillor Katie Thornburrow about the handover of the new allotment sites in the southern fringe developments: There are many things that could cause further delays, as you aware, but this is the current situation and anticipated handover dates. The Council has agreed that Dave can use the dates on his website, as long as it is made clear that there are many items to resolve still. Clay Farm Allotments – The Lease is with Pemberton’s Solicitors, having been prepared and sent from the Council’s Legal team. The allotment plots are overgrown and these will be made good before transfer. Subject to the S106 agreement payment, Officers are pressing for a transfer for October. Nine Wells – The Lease is

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new allotments in the southern fringe

Dave Fox/ July 4, 2018/ News/ 6 comments

Cambridge City Council gave me this statement today about the four new allotment sites in the housing developments at the southern fringe of our city: “We are working hard with the Developers and all Legal representatives to get all the sites over the line and into the management of City Council. There have been a range of issues on all the sites, so none have been straight forward, but over the last few months we have made significant progress and I believe we are nearly there. Clay Farm – Awaiting the lease back from the landowners solicitors before final approvals. . I would hope this process will be concluded within next six/eight weeks. Plots have been marked out, and the tenancy agreements are ready and

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