new allotments in the southern fringe

Cambridge City Council gave me this statement today about the four new allotment sites in the housing developments at the southern fringe of our city:

“We are working hard with the Developers and all Legal representatives to get all the sites over the line and into the management of City Council. There have been a range of issues on all the sites, so none have been straight forward, but over the last few months we have made significant progress and I believe we are nearly there.

Clay Farm – Awaiting the lease back from the landowners solicitors before final approvals. . I would hope this process will be concluded within next six/eight weeks. Plots have been marked out, and the tenancy agreements are ready and waiting to be sent out.

Trumpington Meadows – Lease is with City Council for final look over before it is signed off. We have some on site issues to address which we are picking up. Would hope all would be complete within the next eight weeks.

Bell School – we are close to completing I am told by Legal, so hopefully within the next four/six weeks.

Glebe Farm – final inspection for completion is in the diary for week after next, it will then go into the defect period and will be adopted with the rest of the green spaces on Glebe. We are working towards this being late September time.”

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  1. peter durrant

    Dave. I assume the Bell Allotments includes those within the Ninewells estate, close to Warburton House, which are, of course, available to everyone in the local postal codes.? For well over a year now a few of us residents have also been complaining, expressing an interest and sharing little or no correspondence from the City Council. But the hope is, of course, we can all learn to work together in a co-operative and inter-actional fashion. When they are finally approved.

    1. hello Peter, yes the Bell School (= Ninewells) allotment site should be made available to everyone living in that development.
      According to the City Council’s allocation policy these residents have priority while others may get a temporary plot.
      Are you on the waiting list?
      Do you happen to know how close the Ninewells development (as a whole) is to completion?

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  5. Hello all readers
    My name is Malcolm Frew, Chair of Girton Allotment Society. We are a self managed society of 110 members, on a Church and Charitable site in Cambridge Road, Girton. Greetings all!

    I, along with two other Cambridgeshire Societies, – Attended the Eatern Region N.A.S. AGM, and Panel Meeting, in Cambridge, on 19th January.
    Other Members were:
    Martin Hall:, Chair of Rock Allotment Society (being Perne, Glebe Holbrook, and Baldock)
    Graham Bond: Chair of City of Ely Allotment Society (4 sites I believe)
    We were somewhat surprised to find that CAMBRIDGESHIRE has no representation in N.A.S. per se,
    as there is no Cambridgeshire Allotment Society representation as such, although of course individual societies and members are represented. We would be pleased to know if other societies would be interested in meeting up to consider forming a representative body for the county. Funds are available from N.A.S. to enable us to plan and hold a meeting. However, please can we get some feedback from Cambridgeshire Societies first. please email me ,Malcolm Frew, at 07849 223069.
    Thank you all in anticipation.


  6. Christine Riches

    How do we apply for an allotment please? I accept that there is likely to be a long waiting list but would like to put my name down for 1. Thanks for your help. Chris

    1. Hi Chris, Apologies for my slow reply, I missed some comments that required approval.
      To apply for a plot at an allotment site managed by Cambridge City Council, including the new Trumpington Meadows, Clay Farm, Nine Wells and Glebe Farm sites, start here.
      To apply a plot at one of the society-managed sites you need to contact the society directly. All the details are on this website (at least that’s the intent – please let me know if you don’t find what you need). Start here.
      Good luck!

    1. Hi Alan, Apologies for my slow response.
      I don’t know about Warburton (this website is about Cambridge allotments). Generally one applies to the allotment authority which is usually the town/district council in urban areas and the parish council in rural areas. Some statutory sites are managed by allotment associations in which case you apply directly to the association. Don’t forget there may also be private sites which the council might not tell you about. Good luck with getting a plot if you didn’t already.

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